5000 custom high flint glass bottles shipped to UK-Custom flint glass design and manufacturin


If designing glass bottles with organic shape is challengingand producing high flint bottles with organic shapes is hard; then making it all happen with MOQ as low as 5000 cost effectively is10 times harder. We did it within 4 months even with the disruption of COVID

Milae team was initially struggling to find a company who can produce their moon surface inspired Vodka glass bottles. Taking on the challenge, we converted their conceptual render creatively into manufacturable 3D modelsin Solidworks. Working closely with flint glass bottlemanufacturing partner, we designed the bottle with the limitation of the production equipment in mind in terms of feature details, parting line positions, and mold designs.

To overcome the difficulties of opening the mold when complex surface geometriesare present, production lines operate semi-automatically are used. The molten glass block from the first mold is manually moved and placed into the second blow mold, where the glass bottle takes the shape, and then manually removed from the mold to cool.

The bottles are finally finished with full black cork with premium black anodized aluminum wrapped cap and heat cured labels. The result is stunning